About us

Since the year 1970 in the town of Antalya's Demre vegetables and fruits are made productivity. Since 1970 every year and expand our capacity by increasing the productivity of vegetables as we started our profession to be number one in qualityeach year for the highest quality most productive experiment with seed varieties and improving quality with years of experience have given we have captured. This experience shared with our close family friends and relatives eachlast year, our production and increase our quality and developing world agriculture industry is not only close to Turkey's neighboring countries, including many of the country demand that our own country, although demand in foreign markets to openexternal demand also considered in the vegetable varieties continue to increase their productivity by. Quality at every stage of production to compensate agricultural support are taking on behalf of. Harmful to human health, fertilizers and medicines servantsand many vegetables in the production of bee insemination lanmamakta are made. To increase efficiency, as well as on behalf of this hormone, permit drugs harmful to human health do not use any artificial substances. As a company our requests to the internetOur esteemed importers and exporters with our permanent macı be able to communicate and exchange ideas with you is to do. We can claim that Turkey and the climate suitable for many kinds of vegetables you want kalite and are manufactured to ambitious. We are growing many vegetables without first öncekiyıllarda no more kind to export has started with the aim to produce and the next generation of our esteemed müşterilIf you provide better service and quality we provide more of you to be able to apply the ideas we have applied on behalf of this site.

Because the developing world via the internet technology forward my business interruption, and no hurry because we do not recognize more quickly to meet with countries and companies, we produced our fruits and vegetables to markets abroad as well, constantly take forward our productivity, our quality control every year the better intend to take.

Our firm vegetables and fruits Commissioning Babacan, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Ltd.. Sti. Demre, Beymelek and family businesses operating as branches Kumluca to continue.