Ball Aubergine

Tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers are the mostly cultivated vegetables worldwide followed by aubergines. Due to different temperatures and soil qualities, several sorts of vegetables are cultivated in Turkey. The aubergine (eggplant) is one of them. They can be cultivated on field or in greenhouses. To meet their requirements to temperature and other needs, aubergines are not cultivated all over Turkey. The main cultivation areas are: Antalya, Sanliurfa, Hatay, Aydin, Bursa, Adana and Samsun. Aubergine is a vegetable that's just consumed by humans owing to marginal nicotine in the human body. Most of the produced aubergines are exported to Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Holland, Romania, Russia and Belgium.
Health Benefits

  • The aubergine effects against evil consequences of high cholesterol.
  • Animal experiments have shown, that this vegetable may work against stomach cancer, but these results are not verified on humans.
  • Aubergines contain ingrediants that can prevent unwanted muscle convulsions.
  • Because of its high content of dietary fiber it supports digestion.
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